Check back often for next Delinquent Storage Auction

Last one was on Friday, October 5th, 2018 12:00 Noon

Delinquent Storage Auction

On 10-4-2018 we had 11 +- units - Plus 1 unit of restaurant equipment. Which was not delinquent, but owner of the unit wanted to liquidate
There is a reserve on that ONE (1) unit.

Airport Road Mini Storage 
156 Scott Ridge Rd., Beaver WV 25813 


From Exit 125A Beaver Exit turn right toward BEAVER, turn left @ Freedom Mobile Homes;  Scott Ridge Road. 

(You will be able to see Airport Road Mini Storage from stop sign @ the 125A Beaver Exit)
 A Whole Storage Auction! Cash Only

We unlock & open the door      
No digging in boxes!!!! No entering of bin!!!!
Then we sell the entire bin to the highest bidder
Buyer is responsible for cleaning out entire unit

*All bins may not be available day of sale
Owners of each unit have up until 11:59 to redeem

$50 deposit, once unit is cleaned out, your $50 deposit will be refunded. You must secure unit with your own lock
Payment: CASH ONLY!  Announcements made at sale take precedence over all advertising!
Col. Monroe B Meadows Auctions WVAL #53
304-466-3341 or 304-890-1261

This auction held in accordance with WV Code 38-14-1
of the WV Storage Lien Law


The Register-Herald
Legal Notices
Published on September 7, 2018
Expires on September 14, 2018
NOTICE The following people have personal effects stored at Airport Road Mini Storage, 156 Scott Ridge Road, Beaver WV, and will be auctioned to the highest bidder on October 5, 2018 at 12:00 noon. Inspection occurs at the time of sale. CASH ONLY! #436 Tiffany Reed, #722 Andy Wilcox, #441 Betty Carpenter, #629 Caitlyn Hannimann #446 Brett Sasser, #529 Gabriel Leggett #559 Michael Lester, #530 Debra Stewart, # 735 # 822 Peggy Morgan, #551 Heather Bowling, # 803 Garrett Shannon, # 611 Hannah Ketterling #323 Jamie Bringhurst, #437 Heather Hughes, #603 Garrett Stucco and Stone ##645 Jamie Stump, #707 Kayla Brogan. This is in accordance with West Virginia Code 38-41-1. 9-14-FRI-2-RH; LG 127414